Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My first triathlon (in photo)

some picture highlights from the race:

so many aspiring triathletes, twas essiting!
not eager to enter the cold ass 50° water -_-
open water start...had to swim like 125m to get there lol~~ i guess it was a good warmup
8 strapping young men pulling swimmers out of the water onto the docks. i hit my groin on something on the way up, wtf~~

i swallowed a mouf full of salt water right at the start of the swim. all the salt water on my lips made me feel like i was gonna drown, but i just kept turning my arms over. I think i still feel like throwing up here, after exiting the water, lawl -_-
Stripping of wetsuit while running to bike transition. no biking pics tho, for now~~
this was right after the bike-> run transition. both of my calves cramped and my pace sucked and i wanted to swear. my friend was yelling "try harder!!" and i was laffing and telling him how much i wanted to die at that moment ~_~

Kickin it up for the home stretch~~ only going 90% caz ive had to fart for the past 2 miles (sometimes put putting in pplz faces as i passed (lawl, pun intended!!)) and dont wanna have an oopsies and ruin my day X_X
First tri, done!!! total of 01:11:57 for 500m swim, 20km bike, 5k run, + transitions~~!
Post race, running mates jo n jon~~
Tri training pals joe wade jo~~

Random observation: plenty of hawt girls...but their bikes were EVEN HAWTER O_O!~~

It was a good experience. Next up, silicon valley international triathlon!! olympic distance (1500 Meter Swim - 24.9 Mile Bike - 6.2 Mile Run)

stay classy san francisco~~

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