Monday, April 19, 2010

Santa Cruz Half Marathon


New PR @ half marathon distance!! V(^_^)V Here is a foto that explains it all, eat your heart out clarissa~~
Finished 129/2200, with an avg pace of 7:34/mi! Pretty freaking kewl beanz, top 5.8% of the field ^_^! New pr, about 20 mins offa my first half ever that I ran 7 months ago in october O_O! Fianl time 01:39:06! Wore the same outfit as the emerald mabbe should change it up a bit for the next race. I also think i should do a different pose next time...keke. Maybe try sprinting in front of the camera for a runnersworld stylee cover shawt...wheel sea~~
KFC Double Down, a new sammich. Perfect post-workout recovery. 53g protein, 11g carbs, 540 calories, 100% YUM~! hellaTaystie™ to boot! 2 slices bacon and 2 slices pepperjack cheese between 2 chunks of fried chicken "bread" lolol V(^_^)V
Me enjoying the monstrosity~~ (thats what she said) Ofc, im a fatass and had to supplement it with a snack wrap, but oh whales ~_~
Teh swag~ Race bib, finisher shirt, finisher medal, parking pass. Tip: buy urself 2 hours of parking to encourage you to run faster and finish before your parking is up~~! kekeke~~

All in all the race was pretty decent. Some noobie blockers in the beginning...does anyone ever listen to the announcer's request for slow people to move to the back?_? I was like 20 ft from starting line but still had to weave around idiots for the first mile, ugh! Forgot my watch, but I run and train by perceived effort, so figured id just try

Only a few noteworthy things...first...the wind! oh em gee twas a headwind in every direction we ran, and strong too! I tried to draft behind some ppl and use them as windshields, but eventually they got too slow (or tired out by the wind) for me and i had to run several hundred yards to the next person/group, lol. As i made my way to the front, it became more and more of a sausage fest. This meant that i was drafting behind mostly men near the end of the race...and unfortunately that meant horrible BO blowing in my face. I'm already huffing n puffing from a race pace effort, and on top of that have to inhale their nasty body odor with every breath X_X, so that made me blow that lemonade stand asap. Luckily it only happened a few times~~ The final 2 miles along the coast brought a frothy, salty sprinkle to my face (thats what she said). It was good to look at and breathe in the awesomeness of the sea and waves~~

I was trying to finish strong at the end, but unfortunately, all the 10k laggards were in teh way and clogging the path and finish chute X_X. I am normally very happy to see people of all shapes and sizes and fitnesses get out and do some jazzercise, but when they get in the way of my PR, its game over man, game over -_-~! But meh, managed to get thru it with minor cursing in my head.. maybe only delayed by a minute or two on my total time, blargh!

Another race day diarrhea or stomach issues, FOR ONCE!!~ Moderate burping, but i was prettyPleased™~~

Ooh, must share pre-race soundtrax. Lots of Lady GaGa (hangs head in shame, lol) and some Kesha, but recently discovered this oldie by eminem, and listened to it like 10x before I ran the race, lol. It kept playing in my head while i was running too. hellaGood™ beatz, all heavy and hard (thats what she said), but perfect to pump up for race O_O!

Eminem - Til I Collapse

Tri training is going alright. I had my longest swim evarr yday, 5000 yards! I do sets of 500 around 6:30 nowadays. Fiorella (my bike) is currently int he shop with shifter problems...iono when ill get her back T_T! Ruined my weekend long ride, ugh, but i guess i replaced it wiht a 9 mi tempo run and impromptu mission peak Hopefully we can be reunited this weekend for a 50+ miler.

Oooh ooh i updated the mileage/yardage stats counter on the side of mah page! Itll be kewl beanz to find out monthly/yearly distances. I've run over 1000 miles since a year ago! NOICE! Never thought I could run more than 1 mile, but kaka, tiz only mental! Most people defeat themselves with the attitude right at the beginning, and never give it a shot. Im living proof that fatasses can get thin! Beefcake, beefcake~~

Aite stay classy and enjoy many KFC double downs~~!


  1. Nice job on the half marathon and beating your last HM by 20 minutes! ROCKSTAR!

    BTW, those chicken sandwhiches from KFC sound disgusting, but the stats on them don't look that bad! LOL

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