Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wellp, decided to be one of those forum douches and just proclaim that I own the first, post, evarr~~ This blog will track my training highs and lows on the journey to Ironman, hence the blog title Triathlete in Training, or TiT for short. I didnt wanna steal team in training's acronym, plus they tried to avoid being called TIT, so i guess thats a win for meh, lawl ^_^~~. Nehoo, the biggest obstacle on that journey has actually been conquered - that obstacle being my struggle with rampant fatassery in all its overeating, unhealthy eating, couch potato glory X_X. Ironman triathlons cost upwards of $500 to compete looks like i need a raise before i can try one O_O!

I signed up for a sprint distance triathlon 2 weeks ago, and have <2 weeks left to train before the event happens! I picked up a wetsuit and tri suit yday, as well as some conti gatorskins. My current 700x30c hybrids wont really cut it for competition. Training is going well, I do a 5.5mi loop around work every afternoon, and bike or swim at night. I have yet to do an open water swim, so that could be trouble, but hopefully can get one in this weekend O_O! I haven't practiced any transitions yet either, so this could be quite entertaining... Saturday could be an open water swim/bike brick, and Sunday i plan to do 25-30mi bike/5mi run brick.

Mmm thats about all for now, it is time to sleep. More pics and training info later~~

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